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8 Things You Need To Know This AM

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On his wedding special, Lance Bass revealed that he stayed in the closet for two decades because of his involvement with *NSYNC.

This map documents the most commonly held job in every state between the years of 1978-2014. Be prepared to see the word secretary a lot.

Excited for Better Call Saul‘s big premiere this weekend? Catch up on all things Saul Goodman (if that is his real name) with AMC’s new comic book prequel to the prequel.

Baz Luhrmann is making a period drama for Netflix called The Get Down about the emergence of hip-hop in 1970’s New York City.

This mesmerizing map renders Wikipedia pages into a 3-D galaxy you won’t be able to stop exploring.

We all loved Jimmy Fallon’s Saved by the Bell reunion, but for one writer who worked behind the scenes, it was a dream come true.

Did you know there’s a word for the opposite of schadenfreude? Let’s all try to use it more in 2015. 

HBO will debut J.K. Rowling’s new miniseries, The Casual Vacancy, on April 29.

lancebass-embedPhoto: Stewart Cook/REX USA.

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Lily Collins Made A Teen Mom Rom-Com (& It Works)

John Mayer Interviews The Super Bowl Sharks

Taylor Swift Visits Interactive Taylor Swift Exhibit, Incepts Herself

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