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The 20 Hottest TV Sex Scenes Of All Time

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As television shows have upped their game in the past few years, they’ve also upped their game. Sex on TV has gotten racier and more explicit, and it’s not just the gratuitous sexposition on shows like Game of Thrones

Sex scenes increasingly take into account the fact that there are other gazes out there besides the male one. Females are active agents in the deed (beyond just the boobs shot), and there are other types of sex besides that which occurs between two heterosexuals. In other words, we’re finally getting sex scenes that make sense within the context of the story, which makes them so much hotter. 

Watching two (or more) characters have sex on television also feels more intimate than seeing it in a movie. You let these characters into your home each week. You’ve invested more time with television personalities than you would with those in a movie, and all of those hours spent getting to know them feels like foreplay. The culmination of many episodes worth of flirtation is much more satisfying when you’ve been present for the entire courtship. 

Here are 20 steamy TV moments truly worthy of DVR space — and multiple rewinds. Oh, and it goes without saying, but NSFW.

Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl
This limo scene started one of the greatest relationships of our time. #Chair forever.

Fiona & Steve, Shameless
Extra credit goes to the foley artist, who timed the subtle clanging of pots, pans, and drawer-slamming perfectly to Fiona and Steve’s first romp in the kitchen.

Jon Snow & Ygritte, Game of Thrones
It turns out Jon Snow does know something.

Connor & Paxton, How To Get Away With Murder
“He did this thing to my ass that made my eyes water,” Pax said after their copy room hookup.

Kate & Sawyer, Lost
It’s animalistic and hot, except you can’t help but wonder how Kate’s armpits are still hairless when she’s been imprisoned on a deserted island for so long.

Nicky & Morello, Orange Is the New Black
In which Nicky makes Morello see God.

Libby & Robert, Masters of Sex
One second, they’re discussing the roles to which society confines them, the next, they’re making rapturous love on the kitchen floor.

Olivia & Fitz, Scandal
Let’s be honest: There were a lot of scenes to showcase from Scandal, because Olivia and Fitz’s chemistry is off the charts. There was that time on the campaign trail, “If you want me, earn me,” and the cabin in Vermont. We’re choosing the phone sex, though, because how often do you witness truly hot phone sex on TV?

Alisha & Future Simon, Misfits
Do Brits do TV sex better? A very important case study.

Rachel & Mike, Suits
Only when Rachel finally learns Mike’s big secret and the truth is out can they give into their intense feelings for each other in the file room.

Sons of Anarchy, “Fucktage”
Almost every member of the SAMCRO gang is getting it on in the explicit opening montage of an episode called “Faith and Despondency.” Also note Wendy engaging in some battery-operated self-loving.

Ashley & A Workman, Sirens
Is this what Hozier is singing about in”Take Me to Church?”

Callie & Arizona, Grey’s Anatomy
A.k.a. Calzona, which has always made us want a calzone.

Marnie & Desi, Girls
It’s nice to see Marnie trying new things.

Eric & Jason, True Blood
Sadly, it was only just a dream.

Noah & Alison, The Affair
Four episodes in, we finally get to see the titular affair. It does not disappoint.

Charlotte & Harry, Sex and the City
She can’t believe he’d find her sexy in her glasses. The bachelor pad in which he’s squatting is repulsive. Neither of things matter because it’s on.

Buffy & Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Imagine if your love literally made the world crumble around you.

April & Daniel, Mistresses
This scene did for finger painting what Ghost did for pottery wheels.

Natasha & Christian, Nip/Tuck
The time Christian Troy made love.

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