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Jackie, Kelso & Hyde Celebrate Fez’s Birthday

0-tssPhoto: REX USA/Moviestore Collection/Rex.

It was Wilmer Valderrama’s birthday, but the party gave all fans of The ’70s Show cause to celebrate. 

On Thursday, none other than Jackie and Kelso

a.k.a. maybe-marrieds Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
— showed up to support their former costar at his 35th birthday party in Los Angeles. Danny Masterson, who played head stoner Hyde, also joined the festivities at the Palm Thai restaurant, E! reports.

Alas, Eric and Donna couldn’t make it, but as far as mini TV reunions go, we’ll take it. Lest you’re feeling kinda bummed that Fez’s unrequited love Jackie showed up to his own party with another guy in tow, consider this: He’s dating Demi Lovato, who reportedly organized the surprise star-studded celebration. The group numbered about 40 people. 

One fan filmed the group singing to Valderrama. Any requests for “Slow Ride”?

Video: Courtesy YouTube.

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Almost Too-Pretty Cleaning Products For Your Arsenal

Cleaning will never be “fun.” We’ll just be real about that one. But, chances are you might be having people over. You know, for that big sporting  event happening tomorrow. And, having products you love certainly makes it easier to get the job done. It’s like a trigger: You see the happy, well-designed dustpan and think, “I should use that.” Who wants to use an old, plain, gunky dustpan? Ahead, we found seven well-designed products — from a squirt bottle with a lemon juicer to a sleek, silver hand vacuum — that will make you whistle while you work. 

For organic-solution lovers, this squirt bottle is a dream. No more messy juicing.

This is a mushroom brush (that is, a brush for cleaning mushrooms), but we want to use it for everything. Like scrubbing weird tile corners.

With small spaces a huge broom can be a cumbersome piece to store. This hand broom is easy to hang on a hook in a closet.

Have you ever seen such a chic, gleaming hand vac? It means business.

Almost too pretty to use, but a great option for drying those counter tops.

The person cleaning up a broken wine glass will not mind using this dustpan.

Mediterreanan Sea, Grapefruit, and Verbena all in one parcel. Washing up after cleaning was never so lovely.

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If You’re Thinking About What to Wear, Think About This

I came to a disturbing realization yesterday when, through the kind of caffeine jolt that is historically known to place the most simultaneously artificial and welcome “pep in my step,” I could barely not just get out of bed but subsequently utilize the muscles in my neck, which I have heretofore taken for spectacular granted, to keep my head up.

In messaging my lament to anyone who would listen, it occurred to me that I feel like a prisoner of the current climate. This has, of course, been propelled by an inability to wear what I want — the suede, lace up Johnny Weir/Bette Midler mash-up wunderkinds of my most recent footwear achievements, coupled with a pair of light wash, lightweight ripped, cropped and flared jeans and the kind of shirt that can hold its own and doesn’t quite need an underlying turtleneck to give it character.

Instead, I was forced to opt for bullshit ice-resistant traction shoes and several layers of legging thus rendering all jeans too tight. Is this what pregnancy will feel like? I won’t stand for it, which is precisely why as I began inching out my door, I said “fuck it,” took off the boots, the leggings and more of the leggings to change into a moot pair of fla$hy or trashy leopard print boots and those wanted. Was I was cold? A little. Did I feel 67382 degrees better? Absolutely.

So here’s what I propose: if you’re thinking about what to wear today, or tomorrow, or Monday, think about what to wear — not what will keep you warm. I’m going for the following.

var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? ‘http’ : ‘https’;
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if(typeof window.__stp === ‘object’) if(d.readyState === ‘complete’) {
}(document, ‘script’, ‘shopthepost-script’);

Turn on your JavaScript to view content

1. These cropped and flared Asos overalls, which feature a rip and will therefore look pretty cool with a pair of dotted sheer tights beneath them.

2. The now-ubiquitous J. Crew turtleneck, which I choose to wear in a shade of diarrhea green because I think it will pair well with:

3. This similarly colored button down shirt. I will button it until just about nipple height and likely opt for some version of a gold choker (4) to wear over the turtleneck portion of this party.

5. Now I’m thinking cardigan. So you see, I’m still relatively warm, I’m just not forcing it.

As for the grand finale — my shoes? First things first: camp socks. And because I’m wearing overalls that are kind enough to consider both the faint and thrill of heel, something in between, like, say, these.

Et voila: fashion prozac. You with me?

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Your New Favorite Fragrance, By Personality

Perfumes are kind of like people; each bottle a mini-personality. There’s the face they put forward for a first impression, and then a second, deeper side you only discover after hanging out for a while. That’s why finding a fragrance that really suits you can be a little like finding a lifelong friend — it’s a seriously personal endeavor.

When the latest crop of spring scents rolled across our desk, we started wondering — if we bumped into this perfume at a bar, what would it look like? What would this fragrance wear? Where would she live? What would her M.O. be?

There was only one way to answer those deep quandaries, which was assigning backstories to all of our favorites. Click through to meet the scents you’ll be sporting this spring. Whether you identify directly with one of them, or can see yourself becoming BFFs with another, we’re sure you’ll find your scent soulmate (or at least a fragrance fling) somewhere in the slides to follow.   

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Downtown Chic: Diptyque Florabellio

Diptyque’s latest fragrance has three of the quirkiest notes we’ve ever heard of in a perfume bottle: sea salt, apple blossom, and roasted coffee. If this fragrance was a girl, she’d definitely live somewhere between Soho and Tribeca, where the culture is rich and the restaurants are buzzing. Florabellio would be the woman who’d order a flat white or a vodka on the rocks, and she’d fit in just as well at a club opening as she would at a dive bar. On weekends, she’d maybe be at a pop-up flea market, or thumbing through vinyl records on the Lower East Side. Sophisticated, but painstakingly edgy, she’s been snapped for street style blogs multiple times.

Diptyque Florabellio, $90-$125, available in April at Diptyque.

Sassy & Powerful: Chloé Love Story

Don’t let the packaging fool you — Chloe’s bottle isn’t just stuffed with sugary-sweet notes. The heart of this fragrance is a medley of orange flower and jasmine, and a base note of cedarwood rounds it out. Love Story would be the effortlessly poised #girlboss with her own corner office. She’s full of contradictions; she’ll drink green juice every morning, but a glass of red wine every night. She spends her days at SoulCycle, and would rather have a long dinner á deux than meet a group of friends at the bar. Her weekends are jam-packed with trips out of town — whether that’s to the Hamptons or Tulum. Her iPhone is constantly glued to her hand, but tell her that you want to talk to her about something and she’ll slip it into her purse without hesitation.

Chloé Love Story, $75-$130, available in February at Sephora.

Zen & Coordinated: Coolife Le Deuxième Parfum
This perfume is supposed to open up your heart chakra, thanks to notes of bergamot, ylang ylang, and orange flower, making it the most floral of the fragrances here. You’d find LDP at the front of your yoga class in a flawless downward dog. She and her S.O. live in an apartment that’s full of candles, arch lamps, and floor-to-ceiling windows. She wears dresses exclusively, and isn’t really drinking right now. Her desk at work is always spotless, but her friends will go on about her droll sense of humor.

Coolife Le Deuxième Parfum, $175, available in March atCoolife.

Folk-y Hipster: & Other Stories Tangier Tales

Pear, pomegranate, black violet, amber, and raspberry blossom make up this seriously seductive new scent from & Other Stories. Tangier Tales is definitely that girl who looks unfairly incredible in every single piece of vintage clothing. Ever. She’s still on Tumblr, but uses it as a Pinterest board instead, and if she ever invited you over to her Cobble Hill apartment, she’d serve you home-baked sprouted bread. The recipe? She picked it up in the last issue of Kinfolk. If you’re ever in need of a friend, she’ll show up at your door with a bottle of bourbon, and drink with you until you’re both more than a little weepy.

& Other Stories Tangier Tales, $40, available in-store at & Other Stories.

Wistful & Eccentric: Atelier Cologne Pomélo Paradis

Fruity yet earthy, Pomélo Paradis’ notes range from pink pomelo to Bulgarian rose to vetiver. You’d probably get a whiff of this fragrance as it was speeding by you on a bike in the middle of spring. Her hair is always swept into one of those effortlessly amazing low buns, and she doesn’t wear much makeup at all. Her ex painted a semi-nude portrait of her, and it’s now hanging in her apartment — right over the dinner table. Pomélo listens to French radio, but doesn’t understand the words, and drinks cup upon cup of tea. Ask her about her collection of coffee-table books; she’ll smile and then have your ear for hours.

Atelier Cologne Pomélo Paradis, $70, available at Sephora.

Romantic & Youthful: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet Edition

Fresh and seriously fun, Marc Jacobs’ Sorbet Edition of his cult-favorite fragrance is anything but stuffy. Chock-full of mandarin, magnolia, creamy wood, and musk, Daisy Eau So Fresh is a girl who’d cozy up to Taylor Swift at Ballet Beautiful. She and her besties have a standing reservation at their favorite brunch spot, which is likely walkable from her apartment in Gramercy or on the cobblestone streets of the West Village. She has one of the most well-curated Instagrams, ever, and a kitten that needs no filter. She isn’t afraid to tell you that she met her current S.O. on OkCupid, or to give you profile-perfecting tips to use.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet Edition, $89, available in February at Macy’s.

Preppy & Poised: Maison Francis Kurkdjian A La Rose

The main notes in this fragrance are two roses, damascena and centifolia, which mingle with orange, violet, and cedar. But, that luxurious rose is what you’re left with. A La Rose went to prep school in the city and is now living in a brownstone in the West Village. She has a standing Sunday dinner with her parents on the Upper East Side, and visits the Cape in the summer, where she’ll wear her worn-down Duck Boots — which she had long before the last polar vortex made them such a hot commodity. She cherishes, and regularly wears, her grandmother’s pearls. And, although she’s ultra-conservative, she definitely has a dirty mouth — especially after a few G & Ts.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian A La Rose, $245, available at Neiman Marcus.

Edgy & Colorful: Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Perfume

While the notes in this fragrance are seriously killer (rose, bergamot, white pepper, and incense), let’s be honest, the bottle is the real story. We see Jeremy Scott’s first fragrance as a total Tokyo Girl. She lives at Opening Ceremony and isn’t afraid to go out in broad daylight with stickers on her cheeks. This is the girl you always call for a hole-in-the-wall restaurant recommendation. Her Instagram is mostly #OOTDs, and she has thousands of followers, because her style is incredible. You can always expect Tommy Ton to be shooting her during Fashion Week.

adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott, $105, available in February at adidas.

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Bonne Bell Is Closing, Because Life Is Unfair

0bb-embedPhoto: Courtesy Lip Smackers.

Are you sitting down? Good. Are you clutching your trusty Bonne Bell Cotton Candy Lip Smacker? Put it down, because this news is so upsetting you might accidentally snap it in half, which, as you’ll soon see, is something you can’t afford to do.

Cleveland.com is reporting that Bonne Bell Co. is shutting down its operations in Ohio and laying off all 91 employees. The company was founded in 1927 and launched the first range of flavored lip gloss, Lip Smacker, in 1973. 

At this time, it’s hard to say what will become of the Dr Pepper Lip Smackers you’ve been coating your lips with since your early teens. Crain’s Cleveland Business reports that the Bonne Bell and Lipsmacker businesses have been sold to Markwins International Corp., which also owns Wet n Wild. Bonne Bell Co., meanwhile, will be renamed Bell Family Brands. It still owns the Formula 10.0.6 skincare brand as well as Aspire Brands, which will continue to distribute Lip Smackers in Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

“Markwins has a proven track record of creating excitement and bringing innovation to the cosmetic category,” Jess Bell, Jr., founder of Aspire Brands, told Cleveland.com. “They will bring the same excitement and innovation to the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands. I am excited about the future of the Lip Smacker and Bonne Bell brands under Markwins ownership.”  

We can only hope this means our favorite nostalgia products will remain untouched. We’re still struggling to cope with the loss of Delia’s, after all. 

To the 91 employees sadly affected by the plant’s closure: Thanks for making us look and feel good for so long. 

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It’s Official! Gautam Gulati Is The Bigg Boss Halla Bol Winner!

Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati

It’s official! Gautam Gulati has won Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Our Industrywalla told you first and it’s not like it comes as a surprise at all because he has everything it takes to be a Bigg Boss winner. Well, we should have known when the #GautamGulatiFever was on a rise (not that it has died down even a little bit now!)

Karishma Tanna finished closed second and Pritam made it to the top 3! That too is quite cool, right?

Check out pictures:

Karishma Tanna, Farah Khan, Gautam Gulati (Facebook | Mohit Gulati)

Karishma Tanna, Farah Khan, Gautam Gulati (Facebook | Mohit Gulati)

Gautam Gulati, Mohit Gulati (Facebook | Mohit Gulati)

Gautam Gulati, Mohit Gulati (Facebook | Mohit Gulati)

Congratulations, Gautam! After all, we love we love Gauti…

First posted on MissMalini.

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caught up in dreams

caught up in dreams

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